Money for Young Minds – Complete Educational Course


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Teaching Personal Finance At An Early Age.

In this comprehensive educational course, we tackle the very challenging subjects of money, savings, expenses, budgets, debt and taxes in a way that is both approachable and interesting for children. The 8 lessons contained within the series use real world examples, in-class exercises and fun facts to make the information entertaining and engaging.



Who is This Created For?

This package was built to be tailored to different age ranges, from 8-18. The 8 lesson plans start off with the basics of currency and cumulatively build in complexity and subject matter. The program instruction is intended to be adjusted based on the age ranges of the students and can effectively be taught to a wide range of age groups.

Who Can Teach This?

This program is intended to be teachable by any adult, even those not formally involved in education. It is a program that can also be taught in a variety of settings. Just a few places could be:

  • After School Programs
  • Community Outreach Programs
  • Local Businesses and Banks
  • Parents/guardians who want to educate their children

What is Included?

The downloadable educational package is comprehensive and easy-to-implement. Starting with a simple PDF download, you will receive the following:

  1. An 8-part Teaching Series
    The instruction of both teacher and student starts here. Broken up into 8 straightforward sections, the lessons will provide a fun and engaging way to interact with the kids, as well as serve as the roadmap for the instructor to run the course. The 8 parts include plenty of fun-facts, and natural breakpoints for teachers to open a dialogue with their students.
  2. In-Class Exercises
    Learning is meant to be fun and these in-class exercises provide opportunities for instructors to stop, let the students use the information they were taught, and open a dialogue between teacher and student. With several exercises for each of the 8 parts, this can be easily tailored to the attention levels and ages of the students.
  3. Teacher Introduction
    Providing the basis and guidelines for the lessons, this will help the person teaching understand the content and how to best approach it for the age levels being taught.
  4. Student Take Home Exercises
    Providing students with follow up, real world exercises is a crucial part to making this information take hold. Allowing both parent/guardian and student to engage, build and share in the lessons taught, we can ensure that the student continues their education and keeps it front-of -mind as they continue their journey to adulthood.
  5. On-Going Product Updates & Information
    Stay up-to-date and informed through quarterly newsletters, exclusive blog content, and on-going product updates.
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