Debt mastery program – Step 9: Write your vision

Debt mastery program: Write your vision, ask questions of yourself, and make plans

You have now come a long way, and here we are looking at the best part of the Debtwatchers-Debt Mastery Program. Because of all that you have done previously you can look at your visions for the future, you can answer questions about what you really want to do with your life? How do you want your day to be and many more interesting and positive things that you want in your life? It’s a mind-expanding exercise for charting your future, rather than being restricted by your past.

Because of the change in thinking that comes from moving from budgeting to planning your expenditure, realistic visions are achievable. You see people having what you want, how did they do it? What first steps can you take to getting such things in your life?

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Christopher Needler is a businessman, entrepreneur and the former Chairman of Hull City. he is the co-author of 3 books:
– It Doesn’t Grow on Trees
– Debtwatchers Debt Mastery Program
– Sanity in Clarity