Debt mastery program – Step 10: Get support

Debt mastery program: Get support

The final step of this long journey is to look at what support you can get and how do you get it?

The first person you can get support from is yourself. Commit yourself, to the fact that you want to make changes in your life. You want new things to come into it, whether it is by clearing out closets or giving up past obsessions. Nothing happens in a vacuum, by creating space other things will rush in to fill that space. Your challenge is to ensure that they are the positive things. And ones that you identified as missing in your life. Having asked yourself how you can support yourself in realizing this new way of life, you now need to ask who else can support you?

At Debtwatchers we are here at any time, but is there anyone you have talked to and you find particularly helpful? A buddy in a chatroom or forum, or someone in your life whom you generally find helpful. If so try to establish an ongoing relationship with them, they probably know you better than anyone.

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