Debt mastery program – Step 8: Change your attitudes

Debt mastery program: Change your attitudes

Now you have full awareness on how to hit your creditors. Remember that you hit them with honesty, integrity, and transparency, but that can be difficult if you don’t change your attitude. Show them your spending record and your spending plan for the month ahead. It should be realistic but fair to you, giving you what you need to live, gain employment, clothes to work in and food on the table

Hopefully, you have faced your demons, the individuals and the companies that are making your life a hell. Yes, they were within their rights but you have rights too.  And you can protect your rights by developing self-esteem and not beating yourself up.

Beating yourself up is how you got to where you were when you decided you needed the DebtWatchers-Debt mastery program. It’s necessary to keep going through writing about what happened. And answering the questions we have given you so far, and again more questions in this chapter. We encourage you to adopt positive thinking, as the way forward, making conscious choices and changes, and even sometimes fake it until you make it, or acting as if

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Christopher Needler is a businessman, entrepreneur and the former Chairman of Hull City. he is the co-author of 3 books:
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