Digital Jobs For The New Generation – Kids & Money

Welcome to the digital age, it’s nearly impossible to meet a kid or a teenager who isn’t passionate about the Internet. If kids can stay glued to their screens for hours, they may as well be productive. After all, the internet is filled with amazing opportunities not only to spend But also to earn and save money.

Here are 3 ways kids are already making money online:


Known as insta-kids, they have turned their early love for fashion into an extremely lucrative business, with more than 100.000 followers and countless likes on their pictures. They are modelling their wardrobe for thousands of Instagram followers. Those who are not yet 13, have their accounts moderated by the parents. Once their notoriety is built, they are paid to place branded products in their posts.


  • Name: Hailey
  • Age: 8-years-old
  • @hails_world /130K Followers





coco instagram star , making money online for kids






Youtube stars:

The video blogging culture also called “Vlogging” seems to be at its peak, kids love making videos and some of them even turn their passion into an income. The videos are not always very sophisticated, kids enjoy just being themselves, reviewing video games and sharing tips and tricks with the audience.  Most of the income for YouTubers is generated from advertisements (for every 1000 video views you earn up to $6), affiliate products and sponsored videos. However, to catch those sponsor’s attention YouTube kid stars have to build an audience first.

sir fedora youtube star, kids and money, kids making money online
  • Name: Fedora
  • Channel: Sir Fedora / 138K Subscribers
fulltimekid with maya, kids making money online, youtube star

Online Surveys:

Making money online with survey panels is not only a legitimate way for adults to make some extra money, but kids can get in on it as well. Kids receive either monetary payments or gift cards.

A good example is Kidz Eyes, a child-focused survey panel that is a part of a larger group of panels directed towards families, such as the Teens Eyes below, a legitimate market research company.

Kids can get an edge on the world of work by starting to earn money early and in doing so they will gain valuable experience working with different people, learning about managing money, and being financially independent.

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Christopher Needler is a businessman, entrepreneur and the former Chairman of Hull City. he is the co-author of 3 books:
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