Debt mastery program – Step 3: List all debts

Debt mastery program: List all debts

When we are in debt we sometimes struggle to keep the level of our debts in perspective. They might be more or possibly they might be less than we think. So an important part of the process of getting out of debt is the simple action of being able to list all debts How much debt we have, to whom, for what and what date. The more information you give as you list all debts, the more confidence you will eventually have in dealing with your creditors

Rigorous honesty

It is essential that we are rigorously honest with the level of debt, however small or large. You took on the debt, so only you can discharge it. It is a personal responsibility that does not go away with the passage of time or by the waving of a magic wand. Peace of mind and confidence will come the more honest and complete you are with your list of debts

Clear head

By preparing a list of debts and putting all the information down on paper it enables constructive and calculated actions to be taken. These actions will start with a letter to all on your list of debts asking for a month to come back to them with repayment proposals, explaining that you are in a recovery process which will take a little time, whilst acknowledging the existence of the debt and your intention to eventually repay it in full

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