Top 3 Financial Literacy Quizzes for Kids and Parents

Dear parents we can never say it enough “ financial literacy is extremely important for building kid’s future success” it’s up there with mom and apple pie as an American ideal. But it’s a challenge to figure out if you are teaching your kids financial literacy the right way.

The best way to measure the improvement on your kid’s ability to make the right financial decisions is a financial literacy quiz , to test your kids to make sure they’re on the right track. And while you’re at it, take the quiz yourself! The answers seem pretty straightforward, but that’s kind of the point: to make sure you know how to handle some of the most basic financial situations.

We have found for you the top 3 best financial literacy quizzes for kids and parents :

The CFPB(Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) Financial literacy quiz for kids and parents

Each question includes additional resources to help build on a particular skill, too. Beyond that, the CFPB financial literacy quiz aim to orient parents to spot the weaknesses of their strategy, when teaching their kids about money.

Take the quiz here …

Your Child’s financial personality quiz

this quiz help you to find out exactly what money personality type your kids are developing, and learn how to best help them continue down a smart financial path.

Take the quiz here …

Biz Kid$ Financial Literacy PRE Questionnaire

This quiz, was created by professors for, Middle school financial literacy pre-assessment purposes.

Take the quiz here …