What is your financial position

How many of us really understand our financial position and are not treating a deterioration in our personal financial circumstances seriously enough? Find out if you might be one of them, by completing your own financial profile.
Here is a sample:


1. What is your total monthly income?
2. What would happen to you if your income fell by 10-20%?


1. What is the total amount of your monthly standing charges (i.e. rent or mortgage interest – sometimes referred to as your “nut”)? That is, what does it cost you to live where you live?

2. What percentage of your gross/net monthly income does this figure represent? Is it more than the 30% rule?

3. If your standing charges increased by 5-10%, how would it affect your ability to meet your other obligations?


1. What is the total amount you spend each month on debt service (i.e. interest plus repayments of principal)?

2. What percentage of your income does this figure represent?
3. If interest rates increased by 1-2%, what effect would this have on your debt service?


1. What is the total amount you have in cash savings?
2. What would happen if you needed to your savings to pay your expenses? How long would they last?