Top Kickoff Money Related Gifts For Kids

You buy toys for your children all the time, but most of them will not even last longer than the batteries inside. Here are the top kickoff money related gifts that will help you not only step up your game as a creative parent but also offer your children a maximum knowledge about money.

To encourage saving:

A savings bond or a normal piggy bank probably won’t elicit a squeal of delight from a small child or melt his/her face into a smile but these two will.

To encourage reading and teaching:

  • It Doesn’t Grow on Trees, this eBook is all about money and is written for children aged 7 to 13 to read with their parents. It includes brief histories of coins, notes, banking and credit cards and encourages children to adopt good habits concerning personal finance.

To encourage decision making involving money:

  • Board games like monopoly and payday…read more

And then there are the classic gifts: a share or two of stock…  Or a contribution to a 529 college savings plan. the point is your child’s birthday can easily become an opportunity to teach him/her about money so don’t miss that !