Crowdfunding for kids | how not to borrow

Crowdfunding has changed the game for many grownups who need money to achieve their dreams, but when kids need to raise money for their schools or extra-curricular projects, they’re often still using decades-old methods like selling candy bars or wrapping paper.

There’s so much importance in learning how to ask for help, to take action, and be willing to sell at a young age, you want to teach your children that borrowing or debt is not always the only way out.

Websites like Piggybackr wants to bring kids’ fundraising out of the dark ages (or at least the 1980s.) Piggybackr is a crowdfunding platform that’s specifically targeted to the needs of kids, with educational tools, game mechanics, and age-appropriate directions, and parental controls. The site is focused on efforts, rather than physical products — kids ask potential sponsors for donations online and offer “thank you gifts” in return such as volunteer time.

For its own financial needs, a crowdfunding website for kids takes a five percent commission on its funding projects and collects a 30 cent fee on each transaction it processes. Teaching kids that even Crowdfunding is not for free.


Name: Irijah, $9,577Raised

Hi! My name is Irijah. I am 7 years old. I like to farm, climb trees, watch movies, play with my sister and brother, play with clay, fish and hike.

What I’m Raising Money For
By accident, I started a fire that burnt down the barn at Cayuga Pure Organics farm. I want to help raise money to rebuild and save the farm.

Why You Should Give
I feel so horrible that this happened and anything I can do, I would do to help. Please help me raise money. It is a great farm and the owners and workers are very nice. Thank you so much for your help!
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