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Step 4-“Cutting up your credit cards”

January 26, 2015/0 Comments

Step 4 “Cutting up your credit cards” The answer to debt problems is not the creation of more debt and so the DebtWatchers program encourages the cutting up of credit cards, as continuing to use credit cards will undermine any and all efforts to get out of debt. It is so easy to use the […]

step 3-“List all debts”

January 22, 2015/0 Comments

**********Step 3********** Step 3 “List all debts” When we are in debt we sometimes struggle to keep the level of our debts in perspective. They might be more or possibly they might be less than we think. So an important part of the process of getting out of debt is the simple action of being […]

new thoughts are……..

January 20, 2015/1 Comment

New Thoughts Thoughts are like breaths: you have to let one go before you can have a new one Moving on from an existing way of thinking or doing can create the opportunity for new thoughts and ways to appear. ……DebtWatchers coc hack app

Step 2- “Record Keeping”

December 14, 2014/0 Comments

*********Step 2********** Step Two “Record Keeping” Record keeping is step 2 in the Debtwatchers-Debt Mastery Program, and is an essential prerequisite to getting out of debt. It means recording all income and expenses, however large or small, and is the first step towards achieving clarity. It is a routine that needs to become second nature […]

Step 1- “Just for today, I will not debt.”

November 06, 2014/0 Comments

*********Step 1********** Step One “Just for today, I will not debt.” Looking for a debt solution? The ten steps are a methodology for getting out of debt. It involves both practical and behavioral issues that are involved in dealing with ones debt. Step One in the DebtWatchers program is to make a decision. Whatever has […]